Dane Maddock Series Novellas

Treasure of the Dead by
David Wood and Rick Chesler
Ebook and paperback available now at the following:

Maddock and Bones set off on their first treasure hunting adventure! 

1715- Blown far off course, their treasure-laden ship sinking, a crew of Spanish sailors struggles ashore, only to encounter a horror out of their worst nightmares. 

Dane Maddock and Bones Bonebrake have left the Navy SEALs and set out on a search for the legendary lost treasure fleet. The search takes them to Haiti, where they encounter the forces of a madman bent on finding the treasure in order to fund his maniacal experiments and help him seize the power he craves. But not all their foes are human. Mystery, history, and legend meet as Maddock and Bones scour ancient ruins, plumb the depths of the sea, and come face to face with pure evil in their quest for the Treasure of the Dead.

Amber by
David Wood and
Rick Chesler
Ebook and paperback available now at the following:

They called it the Eighth Wonder of the World. For more than two hundred years, the world marveled at the fabled Amber Room. And then came the Nazis. 

Since the second World War, one of the world's most magnificent lost treasures has lain hidden, and it's up to Navy SEALs Dane Maddock and "Bones" Bonebrake to find it again. Joined by Zara Leopov, their squad must follow the trail of clues from history in a perilous, action-packed race to find a treasure and unlock a deadly secret hidden in AMBER. 

Electra by
David Wood and
Rick Chesler
Ebook and paperback available now at the following:

1937- Amelia Earhart vanishes somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, giving rise to one of history's most confounding puzzles. 

When searchers believe they have found the location of Earhart's crash-landing, Navy SEALs Dane Maddock and Bones Bonebrake are sent on a covert mission to locate Earhart's crashed Electra aircraft and recover its contents. But nothing is ever easy for Dane and Bones, and they soon find themselves facing off against mercenary forces, deadly creatures, and nature itself. Join Dane and Bones on another action-packed adventure as they seek to find Electra!

Splashdown by
David Wood and
Rick Chesler
Ebook and paperback available now at the following:

1961- Space capsule Liberty Bell 7 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean and sinks in what was called an accident. But was it? 

When Navy SEALs Dane Maddock and “Bones” Bonebrake are called upon to find the Liberty Bell 7 and recover its secret cargo, they find themselves caught up in a conspiracy from the Cold War era, and only they stand in the way of a powerful man bent on vengeance. Dane and Bones are back in another “Origins” adventure. Sunken ships, deadly creatures, dangerous enemies, mysteries from the past, and all the thrills your heart can stand await you in Splashdown! 

Wood and Chesler make one powerhouse team!"
J. Kent Holloway, author of  Primal Thirst.
"Makes one think beyond the boundaries of mere fiction and enter the world of 'why not'?” 
~David Lynn Golemon, New York Times bestselling author of the Event Group series 
Published by Gryphonwood Press

Dane Maddock Omnibus 1 includes Amber, Hell Ship and Dead Ice

Available in Kindle exclusive ebook 

Dane Maddock Origins Series Novellas

Kindle exclusive ebook:
The Tomb by
David Wood
and Rick Chesler
"I love the stories that mix adventure, myth and history. Love Bones and Maddock!"
~Reader review


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