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      “Wood and Chesler make one powerhouse team! Just when you thought Dane and Bones couldn't get any better, Rick Chesler comes on board for one tidal wave of a thrilling adventure. Sunken galleons, giant sea creatures, and one heck of a mystery makes Splashdown one book you won't put down 'til the very end.” - J. Kent Holloway, author of The Dirge of Briarsnare Marsh and Primal Thirst.

<--OUTCAST Ops Book 2:
The Poseidon Initiative
2nd in a new  military action- thriller series:
A group of special forces operatives cast aside by their respective agencies band together to fight America’s deadliest threats.



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Rick Chesler holds a Bachelor of Science in marine biology and has had a life-long interest in the ocean and its creatures. When not at work as a research project manager, he can be found scuba diving or traveling to research his next thriller idea. Author of Solar Island, kiDNApped and Wired Kingdom, he currently lives in the Florida Keys with his wife and son.
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THE ARK is a race-against-time quest thriller whose premise hinges on a clever biblical reinterpretation (one that I happen to think is plausible). Overall, I found it to be a fun action-thriller. The author, an engineer, does an admirab...


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